Leonie Zeller at the age of 6


Our registered Swiss-based charity Kids Kidney Care was founded in April 1998 by Marilyn Zeller-Walker. Her now 21 year old daughter suffered from congenital chronic kidney insufficiency, and it was through her daugther's illness that Marilyn Zeller became aware of the lack of support for kidney ill youngsters in Switzerland and throughout Europe.


The goals of the organisation are to support the needs of children and teenagers suffering renal illness, as well as their families. These children could be the capable adults of tomorrow. They simply need our help now, to develop, to become independent and to be able to fulfil their own potential in the future.


The support we offer consists of: improving the quality of the lost time spent in dialysis; solving transport problems, and transport costs which cannot be covered by insurance (there are only three children's dialysis units in Switzerland); respite for the overworked mothers/carers of these children; mediation between parents and medical staff in individual cases; providing funds for holiday dialysis camps; making well-deserved holidays possible for children an dialysis; providing tutoring to replace neglected education because of dialysis and medical visits; and much more as well as offering many other forms of practical, psychological, therapeutic and legal help.


Through our promotions and the related press reports we have helped to sensitise the public towards a new understanding for kidney transplantation. The public needs to be made more aware of the facts and effects of renal disease in order to decide for themselves that the unnecessary loss of young lives can be prevented. Modern medicine has created possibilities which need our acceptance and through compassion our participation.


Our Committee works on a voluntary basis and is made up of 4 members whose job it is to support the president in her work and to act with a control function on the outgoings. We rely greatly on our Kids Kidney Carers to keep our costs low. These are for example, our voluntary lithographer, printers, web designer, pro bono solicitors and auditors amongst others.


Although her dauthger is now healthy as a result of a transplant from her mother, Marilyn continues to work for those less fortunate. She is fully aware of the financial difficulties arising from kidney illness and the stress a family is put under with such a child.


Kids Kidney Care
Rebweg 11
8174 Stadel
044 858 36 60 / 078 663 13 83
PC. 90-791745-7



  • President: Marilyn Zeller-Walker
  • Vize President: Esther Ammann-Blank
  • Treasurer: Chip Efthymiades
  • Secretary: Esther Reichenbach
  • Dr. Raymond C. Benoit


The following honorary members offer us help and advice:

  • Prof. Dr. med Mario Bianchetti, County Hospital, Bellinzona
  • Prof. Dr. med Sergio Fanconi, Director, Children's Hospital, Lausanne
  • Prof. Dr. med E. Leumann, Former Head of Nephrology, Childrens' Hospital, Zurich
  • Prof. Dr. med Thomas J. Neuhaus, Head Pediatrician, Childrens' Hospital, Lucerne
  • Prof. Dr. med Christoph Rudin, Head of Nephrology, Children's Hospital, Basel
  • Prof. Dr. med Markus Weber Transplant Specialist and Head of Visceral Surgery, Triemli Hospital Zürich







  The untreated kidney failure is 100% deadly!
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