I ask you



Dieser poetische Ansatz - aus dem Herzen der nierenkranken Ellen geschrieben - haben wir aus dem Englischen nicht übersetzt. Ihre Gefühle waren für uns unantastbar.

"I Ask You"

I am a prisoner, though I have not

committed any crimes, I have had a

sentence passed and the price I have

to pay is my life.


There is no lock or key or prison wall

that keeps me shut away.


I stand before people that judge me

every day, but they do not give me a

hearing or pick a fair jury.


I pay a high price for something

that cannot be bought and I accept

the road I have been made to walk.


I am not unhappy for I have learnt

things that other people may not be

taught, I have been privileged to see

things, when most people wouldn’t

get to look and I have already heard

what most people have yet to hear.


Fear holds a meaning but I don’t

fear what I cannot see.


I can bear to stand and look at the

sometimes harsh face of reality. And

one day pain will be a chain that

will hold me down, but I am a fighter

and the one thing a fighter must

do and can only do is fight.


All I ask is that for now you give me

a chance and realise there are others

for whom I ask the chance to really

live too.


© British Kidney Patient Association







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